Capital Programming 

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State Report on Transportation

The State Report on Transportation (SRT) contains three important documents:

Maryland Commission on Transportation Revenue and Infrastructure Needs

Maryland has established the Maryland Commission on Transportation Revenue and Infrastructure Needs (the Commission) to review and make recommendations to improve existing transportation revenues, investment decisions, and the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) operations, among others.

For more information, please visit the Commission website

A nighttime view of Baltimore City skyline scross the Inner Harbor

Fall Tour Meetings

Annually, the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) meets with each County in the State of Maryland, along with Baltimore City, to share the Draft Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) between September 15th and November 15th.

A nighttime view of Baltimore City skyline scross the Inner Harbor

Priority Letters

Annually, each county should submit their letter of transportation priorities to MDOT by April 1st.

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Chapter 30 Scoring

The Chapter 30 Scoring Model is a project–based scoring system used to evaluate certain projects being considered for inclusion in the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP). Click the link below to learn more about which projects must be scored and the application process.

Electronic Tolling

Asset Management

MDOT manages a wide range of asset classes that make up the infrastructure base to provide services to Maryland’s residents and businesses, along with those traveling to or through the State. Asset management is a holistic approach of balancing costs, opportunities, and risks against the desired performance of assets.

The Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP)

The Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) is Maryland's six-year capital budget for transportation projects. The CTP contains projects and programs across the Department, including the MDOT Maryland Aviation Administration, the MDOT Motor Vehicle Administration, the MDOT Maryland Transit Administration, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, the MDOT Maryland State Highway Administration, the MDOT Maryland Port Administration, and the Maryland Transportation Authority. The CTP includes capital projects that are generally new, expanded or significantly improved facility or service that may involve planning, environmental studies, design, right-of-way acquisition, construction or the purchase of essential equipment related to the facility or service. An expanded description is shown for each major project, along with a list of minor capital projects.

After extensive consultation with Maryland's citizens, local jurisdictions and the local and State delegations, MDOT projects that preserve transportation system investments, enhance transportation services and expand transportation opportunities throughout the State are added to the CTP. In order to help Maryland's citizens review this document, the CTP includes a summary of the Department's financing and budget process and an explanation of "how to read" each Project Information Form (PIF) is included.