Long-Range Planning 

2050 Maryland Transportation Plan (2050 MTP)

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is kicking off the new Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP), Maryland’s long-range transportation plan, that will guide the state's vision and corresponding policy and investment priorities for the next 20 years. We are at the early development stages for the 2050 MTP.

The 2050 MTP proposed guiding principles, goals and priorities will be modified and adapted throughout the planning process that will run through 2023 by incorporating input received from Maryland's residents and visitors. MDOT plans to finalize the 2050 MTP by January 2024.

Transportation always works better when citizens have a role in shaping decisions.

The update of the plan includes a review and assessment of existing MDOT modal plans, metropolitan planning organization plans, peer state plans, federal priorities, Maryland state priorities, and public input from the recent MDOT surveys on transportation priorities. The draft vision, guiding principles, and goals will be modified and adapted through the plan process through useful feedback from our stakeholders, Maryland’s residents and visitors, include you! We thank everyone who continues to take time to provide input.

MDOT Draft Vision Graphic

What is the Maryland Transportation Plan and why is it important?

Every five years, the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) develops a 20-year mission for transportation in the state known as the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP). The MTP outlines the State’s overarching transportation priorities and creates a larger context for transportation decision-making. The plan embodies MDOT’s mission:

MDOT Mission

MDOT’s mission serves as the foundation for the 2050 MTP. The proposed vision will be realized through the guiding principles, goals, objectives, performance measures, and strategies.

Draft Proposed Vision:

Provide a multimodal transportation system that facilitates the safe, convenient, affordable, and efficient movement of people, goods, and services using equitable, sustainable, and innovative practices.

  • The guiding principles will serve as overarching, cross cutting ideas that MDOT strives for through each of the goals.
  • The goals are broad statements for MDOT to work toward for the future.
  • The objectives are actionable items that align the guiding principles with each goal.
  • The performance measures will be developed through the Attainment Report Advisory Committee in order to help MDOT track the agency’s progress in achieving the long-term goals.
  • The strategies are policies, processes, projects, and programs that MDOT and its Transportation Business Units (TBUs) will implement over time to help make progress toward the goals.

Draft Proposed Guiding Principles:

  • Equity - Integrate equity considerations in all aspects of transportation planning, programming, and operational processes.
  • Resilience - Improve the transportation system’s ability to provide reliable service throughout natural weather events and man-made threats.
  • Preservation - Preserve the condition of the existing transportation system assets to provide safe and efficient movement.
  • Innovation - Explore new ideas and technologies to transform the transportation system.
  • Experience - Maintain an emphasis on improving the experience of the community we serve.

Draft Proposed Goals:

  • Safety and Security - Protect the safety and security of all residents, workers, and visitors.
  • System Quality - Deliver a reliable, high-quality transportation system.
  • Choice and Accessibility - Expand transportation connections and options to allow Maryland’s diverse communities to access opportunities.
  • Economic Development - Facilitate inclusive economic development to support the movement of people and goods.
  • Environmental Stewardship - Minimize environmental impacts throughout the transportation system.
  • Best Practices - Adopt transformative best management practices.



An Advisory Committee is convened each time the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) develops a new long-range transportation plan to advise the department on the selection of appropriate performance measures and targets. Info about the 2040 MTP Attainment Report Advisory Committee can be found here. A new 2050 MTP Attainment Report Advisory Committee is under development.

These are the elements of the strategic framework for the 2050 MTP. Public outreach and feedback will be sought this summer on the draft 2050 MTP. To learn more about the state’s long-range transportation plan and upcoming milestone dates, please continue to visit this site.

We welcome your comments!! Please share your comments by email at: MDOTMTP@mdot.maryland.gov. Also, If you are interested in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan update, please visit: www.2050marylandbpmp.com.

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