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MDOT Excellerator Performance Management System

Started in 2016, the MDOT Excellerator program is a group of more than 100 individual performance measures that touch every aspect of business throughout the MDOT organization. These performance measures are organized into a set of ten Tangible Results, or "TRs". TRs are critical components for the department that drive everyday decisions across all of MDOT's Transportation Business Units (TBUs). The program is a continually evolving process of data collection, evaluation, and analysis. While fluctuation may occur from quarter to quarter, monitoring this data allows MDOT to take the steps needed to improve their products and services for the citizens of Maryland. Exceptional customer service, safety, and satisfaction are prime objectives of the MDOT Excellerator program — whether it's being a good neighbor, maintaining a safe infrastructure, or facilitating economic opportunities throughout Maryland. Feel free to review the ten TRs and the Performance Measures they contain to gain a better understanding of how the MDOT Excellerator Performance Management System works to help MDOT improve and succeed.

The MDOT Excellerator Report

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