How to be a Transfer Candidate

Under TSHRS, current career service employees OR permanent classified employees under the State Personnel Management System may request that their name be added to an eligibles list for their current job classification AND any former job classification which they have held in Maryland state government. All that is required is the completion of a satisfactory probationary period for that job classification.

This provides the potential benefit receiving consideration for positions without completing the examination. Transfer candidates may receive consideration depending on the hiring manager's discretion as specified in an approved selection plan. In some cases, it may be advisable to complete the examination process as well. This is because scored candidates must receive consideration if their score falls within a specified range of scores.

For consideration as a Transfer candidate (or Transfer to Former Job Class) on one or more lists of eligibles, submit a written request with your full name, social security number, address, phone number and former job classification title(s) to:

Maryland Department of Transportation
Recruitment and Examinations Unit

7201 Corporate Center Dr.
Mail Stop 140
Hanover, MD 21076

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