The Examination Process 

​An examination may be used in the recruitment process for a career service position. The purpose of the examination is to produce a list of eligible candidates to fill one or more positions. The examination separates eligible candidates into Best Qualified, Well Qualified, and Qualified categories. MDOT develops and administers a variety of examination types, such as:

Written Tests
(e.g., multiple choice, short answer, matching)
These exams may include multiple-choice, true/false, short answer, essay and matching test items. The most frequently used is a multiple-choice exam in which test-takers select the one most correct answer from the choices presented.

Some tests have been automated to allow for testing on a personal computer. Taking a test on a computer does not usually require prior computer experience. Detailed instructions and assistance from a testing analyst are provided to test-takers.

Unassembled Exams
This is a structured method for evaluating an applicant's job-related training and experience. Applicants are rated on the basis of the information they provide on the employment application. This method credits education, training, work experience and/or accomplishments that demonstrate possession of job-related knowledge, skills and abilities. A rating is completed using pre-established job-related criteria applied consistently to all applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements.

Oral Examination/Interview
Applicants respond to a set of structured interview questions typically used to assess an applicant's qualifications, job-related skills and worker requirements. Questions may take a number of different formats to gain information regarding qualifications (education, training or experience), worker requirements (willingness to work under certain conditions, shifts, overtime), job knowledge, job samples (write a memo, give a presentation), situational (work scenarios), or past behavior (give an example of when you solved a critical problem).

Performance Exam
Applicants perform one or more tasks typical of the job class for which they are applying, such as typing, writing a letter to convey information or a decision, delivering a speech or presentation, and proofreading a correspondence. Performance exams are best used to measure specific demonstrable skills and are typically used to test hands-on ability to perform the tasks of a job. ​