Customer Service Plan Overview 

Changing Maryland Customer Service Promise Graphic The Maryland Department of Transportation is a customer-driven leader that delivers safe, sustainable, intelligent, and exceptional transportation solutions in order to connect our customers to life’s opportunities. The Department has one mission statement to clearly define and communicate the primary direction for all business units and for the various transportation products and services provided throughout the state. This unified mission statement is the department’s guiding light to the public served every day.

The Maryland Department of Transportation has objectives to: ensure safety and security of the transportation system; preserve and maintain the state’s existing transportation infrastructure; maintain and enhance the quality of service to users; ensure programs conserve and enhance Maryland’s natural, historic, and cultural resources; provide transportation options that support communities and quality of life; and support a healthy and competitive Maryland economy.

Every Department of Transportation employee is responsible for delivering exceptional customer service by providing customers with respectful, timely and knowledgeable responses to inquiries and interactions.

The Department of Transportation’s Customer Service activities:

  1. Improve the tracking, responsiveness, and time-to-resolution of all electronic, telephone, written, and in-person correspondence. Ensure state employees and managers continue to improve customer service skills through formal training classes and informal coaching on best practices in customer service.
  2. Improve the processing times of agency services to help citizens and businesses accomplish their transactions with the state.
  3. Increase the number of services the state provides online so citizens and businesses can utilize self-service, as appropriate.
  4. Update online publications, forms, FAQs, and pertinent information on our website so citizens and businesses can find relevant information quickly and accurately.
  5. Use social media to help get the word out about services, events, and news to provide citizens and businesses with information important to them.
  6. Post a simple Customer Experience Survey on our website for citizens and businesses to provide feedback. Survey results will be used to make improvements to services.

In addition to these core customer service-related activities, we will also analyze our business hours in order to better align them to customer needs, ensure literature is up-to-date, and conduct staff meetings to discuss progress on achieving customer service goals. We will also continue to recognize top performers in our agency for professionalism and courtesy, responsiveness in resolving a customer’s needs, or for innovations that lead to improved customer service. 

We will monitor the execution of the aforementioned activities, measure performance, and analyze the results in order to continuously improve customer service performance.

We are committed to providing Maryland citizens, businesses, and other customers with the best customer service. For more information, please visit our website located here: .