Interstate DBE/ACDBE Certification 

Effective May 9, 2024, new federal regulations issued by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) have significantly reduced the number of documents required for the interstate application process. Firms now only need to submit to MDOT the following documents to receive interstate certification:

  • A cover letter to MDOT requesting certification with MDOT, which also lists all of the other states in which your firm is DBE certified, including your Jurisdiction of Original Certification (JOC) and your anniversary date in the JOC;
  • An electronic image of the UCP directory of the firm’s original UCP that shows its DBE certification (screenshot or snippet). If a screenshot or snippet is unavailable, a copy of the firm’s original certification letter will suffice; and
  • A Declaration of Eligibility (DOE)

Interstate Certification Regulations

DBE Directory

Businesses granted DBE certification will be listed in MDOT’s Online Directory. See Maryland DOT - Certification Management System ( Once you arrive to the website click “Search Directory of Certified Firms.”

Manage Your Certification

Businesses become certified based on the information provided at the time of certification. It is the DBEs responsibility to notify its certifying agency within 30 days of any change that can impact a firm’s eligibility. DBEs must also annually affirm that there have been no changes other than the changes previously reported.

DBEs certified by MDOT should process any material changes through the MDOT Certification Management System (online).

Report changes required under 49 CFR §26.83(i) within 30 days of the occurrence of the change:

  • Changes in a firm’s circumstances affecting its eligibility, or material changes in the information provided in the firm's application form.
  • Submission of the MDOT No Change Affidavit NoChangeAffidavit2024Fillable.pdf ( and supporting documents every year on the anniversary date of the firm’s certification;
  • Work code change/expansion requests;
  • Notification of address, phone, or other contact information changes; and
  • Withdrawal of certification

Failure to notify your certifying agency of changes or submit an Annual Affidavit of No Change within the required time frames is deemed a failure to cooperate and is grounds for removal of a firm’s certification.

MBE Program

DBE/ACDBE certification is a federal program. It is separate and distinct from the Maryland State MBE program. If your firm is interested in applying, you are required to submit a separate MBE Application (Minority Business Enterprise Disclosure Affidavit) and Supporting Documents. For more information on the MBE program please visit MBE Only Certification - MDOT ( .