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David Broughton, 410-865-1029​​

Governor Moore Announces Initial $60 Million Request to Biden Administration For Francis Scott Key Bridge Response

ANNAPOLIS, MDGovernor Wes Moore today announced the Maryland Department of Transportation has requested an initial emergency relief funding of $60 million from the Biden Administration to pay for initial mobilization, operations and debris recovery from the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. 

“President Biden and all our federal partners have given Maryland tremendous support as we face an overwhelming tragedy impacting our state, our region and the people of Baltimore," said Governor Moore. “This initial emergency relief request is needed for our immediate response efforts, and to lay the foundation for a rapid recovery." 

The request, made from the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Maryland Transportation Authority to the Federal Highway Administration, is needed for the state to proceed as quickly and safely as possible with debris removal, demolition, traffic operations and other emergency needs related to the March 26 bridge collapse. The state's request is supplemental to funding provided by other federal partners to provide complementary work for the emergency response. 

The request letter from Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul J. Wiedefeld says the state, in concert with federal and local partners, is continuing to conduct damage assessments, emergency operations and recovery efforts throughout the disaster area, and seeks federal assistance in response to “an emergency of this magnitude." 

The March 28 letter seeks “quick release" of the $60 million, and notes that additional federal allocations will be requested, in line with President Biden's commitment that the federal government fully fund all costs associated with this incident. 

On Wednesday, the state submitted a “letter of intent" to document the need for committed federal funds. 

Recovery is vital to reopen the shipping channel and address the needs of the region's transportation system. The highway link provided by the Francis Scott Key Bridge and the Port of Baltimore are critical to Maryland's economy and to national and international supply chains. 

The emergency relief request is not related to bridge reconstruction efforts. Maryland is working to develop the preliminary scope and engineering estimate of future financial needs. Earlier this week President Biden said he intends for the federal government to pay for the entire cost of reconstructing the Francis Scott Key Bridge, and both he and Maryland's Congressional delegation have pledged support to the people of Baltimore.