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Employer Tools

With many employees working remotely right now due to COVID 19, please check out these Telework Tips:

Commuter Choice Maryland offers free tools to employers to help them refine and discover a Commuter Benefits program that work for them.

Business Toolkits:

Additional Business Resources:

Free Webinars

Webinars are offered for free throughout the year on various topics to help employers save money and learn about Commuter options.

Webinar: How to get your business ready to save big with commuter benefits in 2020!

Webinar: Learn about Tools to Apply Commuter Benefits

Webinar: Maryland Commuter Tax Credit  & Commuter Benefits

Webinar: Implementing Options: Telework, Alternative Work Schedules, and Vanpools

 Webinar: Business Benefits of Bike and Walk Friendly Workplaces

 Webinar: Employee Commute Options When Planning a Business Relocation




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